Tuesday, 21 February 2017

York Region Book Author Connecting with Jazzled Youth

You can silent bid on a Dorothy Clark Mclure original Sat Feb 25 2017 @ Aw Shuck's Aurora
Silent Auction Sat Feb 25 2017 Aw Shucks Aurora - 6 - 12 pm - Original Art, Golf passes,...

Jazzled's Wendy Marais announced recently more fun stuff with the 1st Annual Jazzled Hearts silent auction at the gorgeous Aw Shucks Seafood Bar & Bistro in Aurora Ontario, Canada, on highway 11 - Yonge St Sat Feb 25 2017 6pm to midnight while enjoying the live tunes of Pop machine!
The Silent auction event acts as a fundraiser for Jazzled youth opportunities through Jazzled Hearts and for the book for self esteem , Harmony, published on amazon.ca and written by Jazzled founder Wendy Marais. " Our youth today need as many opportunities as we as a society can give, and to that end Jazzled's mission continues to strive for the betterment our our children into adulthood."

Ms. Marais has kept busy behind the scenes putting the pieces in place to coordinate Jazzled's events, including adding E Bike sponsors Bens Bike's to the mix, and looks forward to assisting youth towards reaching more opportunities through Jazzled Inc. Watch for the E-Scooter Sat Feb 25th at Aw Shuks in the silent auction and help get this message through the book into schools and libraries the importance of self esteem building!
See the book online here

Parental Safe Zones? B Wary + B Safe Safe

Recently there was an article written in the York Region Media Group about a Twitter account for group called @GTAConfession which has
been used by York Region school students to post lurid, bullying posts including mentioning sexual acts and activities. Smaller schools are easily able to decipher who someone is talking about in many cases, and as complaints to the Twitter account owner go unheeded, police say they cannot do anything about it as no laws have been broken - yet. This is exactly why Jazzled's mission to create a safe interactive experience for youth while offering opportunities to get better schooled, and access to arts and opportunities continues to have a tremendous importance - and needs our immediate attention.

Want to sponsor an event to assist youth? Corporate Sponsorships for holes are available at $1500.00 to $2000.00 per with gift bags available for 144 golfers.
Meet Wendy Sat Feb 25 2017 @ Aw Shucks Aurora
Now a word from Jazzled's C.C.O. Wendy Marais 


Something wonderful is about to happen

This book symbolizes the urban definition of Jazzled, and what offers a unique, interactive, youth experience to the schools, communities and lives of young people initially locally - and globally within 3-5 years.  

The Jazzled experience is mostly designed to steer the needs of (parents and) teens  ages 13-18 in ways that aren’t currently supported by other online social environments, or in print, in a secure, non-threatening environment, encouraging their growth and development of their best selves.   It is our mission to support youth in achieving their greatest possible potential through the discovery of their own strength, tenacity and intelligent thoughtfulness allowing them to discover new, achievable goals toward their bright future.
Enable me! One of the prizes up for grabs for recent event!
Jazzled's goal is give as many teens opportunities as we can to obtain their dreams through the Jazzled’s Heart Non-Profit organization. Come and help us make some dreams come true!
WE invite you to a day that is surely to be filled with enjoyment, laughter, good golf and the pleasure of helping others.   There will be many events going on through the day and of course into the evening during our dinner and cocktail time.  For you non-golfers there will be a putting contest with some fine prizes and of course dinner.  

If you would like to attend just for dinner join us there as well.  We hope this will be the first of many events that Jazzled Heart sponsors on the behalf of our drive to get the the mission accomplished, partly through funding hard copies of Harmony and distribution to schools. Get yours on @Amazon.ca
Contact@ Jazzled777@gmail.com

Come and help us make "Something Wonderful Happen"  everyday!

CCO of Jazzled and Jazzled's Heart

Friday, 15 November 2013

Youth Opportunities and Online Safety Advice about SnapChat App

Let us BEJAZZLE you!
Jazzled really began to come further to bloom recently, with the successful launch of the website. Unlike the Obomacare web roll out, Jazzled's launch has been relatively seamless, except for a few mostly cosmetic changes to be made, but one thing remains and is growing, and that is enthusiasm for the Jazzled mission - to bring education, music, & arts to youth, and scholarship opportunities through the Jazzled Hearts program and provide a safe place for youths to "play online' whilst being creative, learning, and connecting with like minded friends.

Jazzled's Board is comprised of parents, so your concerns are our concerns, with directional input driven by suggestions from youths through our focus groups.With that all in mind, Jazzled's founder Wendy Marais is spearheading one of Jazzled's many to come online interactive learning projects, this one a webinar to learn about stock broking. Sounds exciting huh kids!?  LOL. Don't worry we''ll JAZZ it up!?
Win Tix to see The Yappers All Ages Show Dec 15 @The Rockpile

Speaking of Jazzing it up. Announcing, FREE Haircuts for Jazzled Members at Lionesse Beauty Spa located at the Bramlea City Centre...Also want win tix to see the Dopest club scene band going, The Yappers, Dec 15 at Toronto's Rockpile Club? Tell The Yappers' manager TPE why you'd like to go, and you could win tickets and an opportunity to meet the band! Winners agree to "tweet" and use social media to enhance the experience for Jazzled members.

...In addition to all the cool stuff already available on the Jazzled network, we have some very, very cool stuff upcoming as well - like music producing webinars and contest so stay tuned!


Send us your coolest Graffiti pic finds to post!

For those not aware of what an "App" or application is (Hello mom & dad!), it's an electonic signal conversion mechanism that can be added into a computer or cell / smartphone which allows wireless transfers for placement of content / messages online directly online to computers, or from devise to devise in some form. The app Snap Chat is popular with kids / teens as it allows leaving a photo or video with text online at the hosting site for view, but all trace of the images disappear after some seconds or minutes of time as chosen by the sender - supposedly....

R U a budding nature photog? Show us!
Some post compromising pics to "friends" or boy / girlfriends who view them with SnapChat thinking it's a safe thrill as the pics are timed to self-destruct, and maybe do or show things they wouldn't normally, however porn predators have been recording some of these images and then using them to exploit.

Used responsibly there is nothing wrong with SnapChat, and Jazzled realizes many sources of apps and social networks can be "trolled", however Jazzled will not waiver in warning youths and parents about any new technical dangers that be out there lurking online - no matter if it's a company offered $3 Billion dollars by Facebook like they were - as safety trumps technology in the Jazzled world so YOUTHS can play online safely.

If you have any ideas or points of interest you'd like to share with Jazzled please do! Join our FOCUS GROUPS to get started!


Thursday, 11 July 2013

Jazzled Youth Social Network Info and Contest

Thank-you for tuning in to Jazzled! A virtual, social, interactive experience for youths where learning, safe fun and exciting activities happen! 

With today’s youth growing up in a technology driven world, it is vital that parental control continue to be a part of monitoring internet use but as the saying goes, kids will be kids, and there may be times where control slips. If there is a flaw they will find it. If it's parent friendly, youth hate it.

Jazzled recognizes this and insists that all parents and guardians be fully aware of the content, services and contests being provided on the website in addition to their consent, however the content and activities provided by the Jazzled experience will be derived mainly directly from youth themselves.

Jazzled believes that by providing a social networking environment – or station if you will – they’ll want to tune in to, they will! 


In producing a youth / family friendly site that is fun, interactive, gamer-friendly, and tech savvy – yet subtext with education and learning - it becomes win, win.

Win for the parents especially, as they naturally lose more and more control as youth grow to adulthood, Jazzled becomes a safe solution. A Win for the next generation of young adults as they have fun learning and socializing in a safe environment they themselves helped shape!
That is the Jazzled KEY.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Jazzled = Safe Youth Social Networking

Welcome to the world of Jazzled! A safe social networking site that connects youths through music with education opportunities too!

Jazzled  was officially launched to the public in 2014 however we are looking to you(th) for input so we can make your online social networking experience not only safe, but fun with educational games as well and offer cool programs for youths too - like  music, apps, and games making!

Jazzled was the inspiration of company founder +Wendy Marais who has been involved in a number of corporate launches, has impeccable international marketing experience and savvy, and who's daughter Samantha inspired her to create Jazzled!

Imagine inventing an online game or App with youths across Canada or rapping to beats created online or composing  for a video someone produced?


....Anything is possible in the world of Jazzled.

Tom Pearson

Jazzled has also acquired the services of +Tom Pearson from as Special Projects Manager who brings vast experience from the entertainment and media world having produced award winning video work online and been an Associate Producer of feature family films, Actor, Producer, Director & Performer for stage, t.v., and film in addition to running TPEntertainment. Tom has also headed up a non-profit for the past 10 years that advocates for those in poverty and was recently awarded The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal for outstanding service over and above the call of duty to the country.

Link here to the latest in SAFE CYBER TIPS

Here are some other ideas for your  Jazzled experience!
Teachers Corner: Designed to keep parents happy and youths sharp we will invite input from teachers and educators and post links to cool educational materials and games.

Comic Adventures: Jazzled will feature an online magazine as well as comics 
featuring. Jazzled characters and....you!?

Poster Art - Create posters for our Grand Opening Launch, for your music group or release!
Post and vote on-line for our contest winner!

Music / Video Production - create videos & short films around music and other stoked subjects!

Sports - Jazzled will intro you to the coolest of sports you want us to, and feature tips form pros!

WIN!!! Part of Jazzled's launch plan is to offer youths educational opportunities for University and College. Our online contests will bejazzle you!

Give us your input! What would you like to see Jazzled provide for you!  

Would you like to be part of our focus group?E-mail us or leave your comments here!

 Be the best you can be...Be Jazzled!