Thursday, 21 February 2013

Jazzled = Safe Youth Social Networking

Welcome to the world of Jazzled! A safe social networking site that connects youths through music with education opportunities too!

Jazzled  was officially launched to the public in 2014 however we are looking to you(th) for input so we can make your online social networking experience not only safe, but fun with educational games as well and offer cool programs for youths too - like  music, apps, and games making!

Jazzled was the inspiration of company founder +Wendy Marais who has been involved in a number of corporate launches, has impeccable international marketing experience and savvy, and who's daughter Samantha inspired her to create Jazzled!

Imagine inventing an online game or App with youths across Canada or rapping to beats created online or composing  for a video someone produced?


....Anything is possible in the world of Jazzled.

Tom Pearson

Jazzled has also acquired the services of +Tom Pearson from as Special Projects Manager who brings vast experience from the entertainment and media world having produced award winning video work online and been an Associate Producer of feature family films, Actor, Producer, Director & Performer for stage, t.v., and film in addition to running TPEntertainment. Tom has also headed up a non-profit for the past 10 years that advocates for those in poverty and was recently awarded The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal for outstanding service over and above the call of duty to the country.

Link here to the latest in SAFE CYBER TIPS

Here are some other ideas for your  Jazzled experience!
Teachers Corner: Designed to keep parents happy and youths sharp we will invite input from teachers and educators and post links to cool educational materials and games.

Comic Adventures: Jazzled will feature an online magazine as well as comics 
featuring. Jazzled characters!?

Poster Art - Create posters for our Grand Opening Launch, for your music group or release!
Post and vote on-line for our contest winner!

Music / Video Production - create videos & short films around music and other stoked subjects!

Sports - Jazzled will intro you to the coolest of sports you want us to, and feature tips form pros!

WIN!!! Part of Jazzled's launch plan is to offer youths educational opportunities for University and College. Our online contests will bejazzle you!

Give us your input! What would you like to see Jazzled provide for you!  

Would you like to be part of our focus group?E-mail us or leave your comments here!

 Be the best you can be...Be Jazzled!


  1. Congrats!! What an awesome idea!! Would love to have a corner to address the issue "Bullies"
    So many youth are in a crisis because of the Bully at school or in the community.. or maybe they feel bad because they witness but don't feel strong enough to do the right thing.. maybe they are afraid. You could provide links and information. Maybe your site could prevent another Amanda Todd situaton!! Best of Luck!! Would love to help in any way.

  2. Thank-you and will do. We will be looking to put together a focus group of youths to ask their input on what they'd like to have as part of their social networking experience so maybe I'll get back on that to you about that to assist spreading the word to some people.

    We are also interested in hearing ideas from parents about what kinds of safeguards they already have in place, some of the issues they may have etc.

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