Thursday, 11 July 2013

Jazzled Youth Social Network Info and Contest

Thank-you for tuning in to Jazzled! A virtual, social, interactive experience for youths where learning, safe fun and exciting activities happen! 

With today’s youth growing up in a technology driven world, it is vital that parental control continue to be a part of monitoring internet use but as the saying goes, kids will be kids, and there may be times where control slips. If there is a flaw they will find it. If it's parent friendly, youth hate it.

Jazzled recognizes this and insists that all parents and guardians be fully aware of the content, services and contests being provided on the website in addition to their consent, however the content and activities provided by the Jazzled experience will be derived mainly directly from youth themselves.

Jazzled believes that by providing a social networking environment – or station if you will – they’ll want to tune in to, they will! 


In producing a youth / family friendly site that is fun, interactive, gamer-friendly, and tech savvy – yet subtext with education and learning - it becomes win, win.

Win for the parents especially, as they naturally lose more and more control as youth grow to adulthood, Jazzled becomes a safe solution. A Win for the next generation of young adults as they have fun learning and socializing in a safe environment they themselves helped shape!
That is the Jazzled KEY.

Focus Groups & Contests Announcement

Past Youth Art Contest assisted by TPE

Jazzled recently held a series of Focus Groups during which questions were asked of participants to enhance Jazzled's ability to develop the best possible experience for youth, in a safe environment, while remaining fun and cool. In addition to hearing about the desire to use the latest apps, games, and sports available, also creating them would be fun we heard, as well as music and arts production and access to gaming-learning - much of which Jazzled has already had a focus beam on. One thing we've learned was that technology is always changing - just like our youths with it their attention spans!

New, creative ideas always need a place to be implemented and Jazzled fills that role by generating original content and access to the most hip technology available!

Another finding from our well attended focus groups were that kids of any age love contests and Jazzled plans to hold many more giveaways in addition to giving away educational scholarship opportunities.
Final look from youth artist phenom
Fittingly, the first Jazzled contest draw is for a touch Black Kobe Reader, holds up to 1000 e-books, 30000 in a Micro SD Card, 114 mm X65mm, 10 mm thick and 221g in weight.

Congratulations to Jazzled's first contest winner of a Kobe Reader, Andrea Estevez, from the Y.A.G. group at the Barbara Frum Library in Toronto Canada!

Get in on the Action for a draw by answering a few focus group questions! Takes 15 Only Minutes to possibly win!

Request our focus group questions for a chance to also win a Kobe Reader or Ipod!

Join Jazzled today for a limited time only at the discount rate of ONLY $10 per family and automatically qualify for a monthly draw to win your Ipod, Kindle E-book or Scholarship. 

Early Bird members also receive free entry to the 2014 Jazzled official launch party in Toronto!

If you’d like to donate to Jazzled because you think it’s a great idea for our kids and would like to assist through a donation please do!

All donations of $5 or more get automatic entry to win a Kindle E-book!
Winners subjected to skill testing question.

Watch for our Jazzled Stickperson Promo Contest where you create the promo cartoon for Jazzled!!

Be the best you can be...Be Jazzled!

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