Friday, 15 November 2013

Youth Opportunities and Online Safety Advice about SnapChat App

Let us BEJAZZLE you!
Jazzled really began to come further to bloom recently, with the successful launch of the website. Unlike the Obomacare web roll out, Jazzled's launch has been relatively seamless, except for a few mostly cosmetic changes to be made, but one thing remains and is growing, and that is enthusiasm for the Jazzled mission - to bring education, music, & arts to youth, and scholarship opportunities through the Jazzled Hearts program and provide a safe place for youths to "play online' whilst being creative, learning, and connecting with like minded friends.

Jazzled's Board is comprised of parents, so your concerns are our concerns, with directional input driven by suggestions from youths through our focus groups.With that all in mind, Jazzled's founder Wendy Marais is spearheading one of Jazzled's many to come online interactive learning projects, this one a webinar to learn about stock broking. Sounds exciting huh kids!?  LOL. Don't worry we''ll JAZZ it up!?
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Speaking of Jazzing it up. Announcing, FREE Haircuts for Jazzled Members at Lionesse Beauty Spa located at the Bramlea City Centre...Also want win tix to see the Dopest club scene band going, The Yappers, Dec 15 at Toronto's Rockpile Club? Tell The Yappers' manager TPE why you'd like to go, and you could win tickets and an opportunity to meet the band! Winners agree to "tweet" and use social media to enhance the experience for Jazzled members.

...In addition to all the cool stuff already available on the Jazzled network, we have some very, very cool stuff upcoming as well - like music producing webinars and contest so stay tuned!


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For those not aware of what an "App" or application is (Hello mom & dad!), it's an electonic signal conversion mechanism that can be added into a computer or cell / smartphone which allows wireless transfers for placement of content / messages online directly online to computers, or from devise to devise in some form. The app Snap Chat is popular with kids / teens as it allows leaving a photo or video with text online at the hosting site for view, but all trace of the images disappear after some seconds or minutes of time as chosen by the sender - supposedly....

R U a budding nature photog? Show us!
Some post compromising pics to "friends" or boy / girlfriends who view them with SnapChat thinking it's a safe thrill as the pics are timed to self-destruct, and maybe do or show things they wouldn't normally, however porn predators have been recording some of these images and then using them to exploit.

Used responsibly there is nothing wrong with SnapChat, and Jazzled realizes many sources of apps and social networks can be "trolled", however Jazzled will not waiver in warning youths and parents about any new technical dangers that be out there lurking online - no matter if it's a company offered $3 Billion dollars by Facebook like they were - as safety trumps technology in the Jazzled world so YOUTHS can play online safely.

If you have any ideas or points of interest you'd like to share with Jazzled please do! Join our FOCUS GROUPS to get started!


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